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About us

We are a young dynamic team of skilled engineers and technicians, which is your competent partner for all questions on the topics of blower door test engineering, technical building services and building physics are available.

As a certified service provider for ISO 20807 and DIN EN 473, we offer consulting, service, and applications, and documentation of the results from a single source. Scope and cost of a project are - according to your request - individually planned and scheduled.

An advanced measuring equipment and specialized hardware and software allows a secure and efficient implementation of order entry to precise measurements and solutions.

The energiebüro q50 works for you both nationally and internationally. To make your daily business and your construction processes must not be interrupted, we measure your items according to your desired appointment, even on weekends or at night!

You want to experience our expertise vividly? Or you are simply interested in our fields? We are pleased to present our image portfolio and references. Here you can find some press articles.

Specialists of blower door tests of office and industrial buildings (DGNB projects) and blower door measurements of large buildings over 5,000,000 m³. We measure EU-wide for you.

energiebüro q50