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Measuring procedure

Approx. 7 months prior: first preliminary measurement in individual areas for quality assurance.

Approx. 4 weeks prior: Detailed discussion of the flow measurement day and building preparation.

Feature: for the measurement was a time window of 36 hours available in which the measurement and the preparation of the building must be carried out because a part of the building has already been in operation.

1 day prior: Recent site inspection, preparation of special frame for mounting the Minneapolis Blower Door

Day of measurement

08:00 arrival at the construction site

08:00-10:30 installation of measuring devices

10:30-11:30 configuration of software components

11:30-14:00 with 3 measuring leakage detection teams

14:00-15:00 recording the measurement series

15:00-17:00 dismantling of the instruments